Pawleys Island Teeth Whitening

Pawleys Island Teeth Whitening


Have you noticed your smile doesn’t shine as bright as it used to? As time progresses the enamel on our teeth starts to wear down, leaving a dull or darker tone to be seen every time we open our mouths. With Island Dental Associates, Pawleys Island teeth whitening services are now more accessible than ever. We proudly offer Pawleys Island teeth bleaching and cleaning services at a rate much lower than other local offices and we provide a better quality of service.


Other Causes of Teeth Discoloration

As we age, almost everything on our body is expected to go through some kind of change. As well as genetic factors, some of our personal preferences might be responsible for the unwanted change in teeth color. Some factors of discoloration might be:

  • Dark colored drinks: coffee, tea, red wine, cola
  • Bad habits: smoking or chewing tobacco
  • Foods: apples and potatoes
  • Trauma
  • Tetracycline antibiotic use in children 8 years or younger
  • And more


Brighten Your Day with a Whiter Smile

Turn back the hands of time with teeth whitening in Pawleys Island SC at Island Dental Associates. We offer a professional consultation along with visible, measurable results. There are multiple options available for whitening. Your dentist will help you decide the best treatment for you depending on sensitivity and severity.


See the Difference in Pawleys Island Teeth Whitening at Island Dental

It’s never too late to make a personal improvement. We want to help your let your true colors shine through with Pawleys Island teeth whitening. Contact a member of our team today for more information about Pawleys Island teeth bleaching and other cosmetic dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you!