DeBordieu Teeth Cleaning

DeBordieu Teeth Cleaning


We offer you the very best options for DeBordieu teeth cleaning. It starts with a highly-trained staff. Not only do we have the proper education and certification, but we did hospital residency work before starting our own clinic. We promise to give you the best possible care at every turn, and we have the experience to back that up.


Attention to Each Patient

Another benefit of choosing us for a DeBordieu Inlet dental deep cleaning is that we focus on putting our patients first. This is true for every single appointment, every single day. For us, it’s not about just growing a client list, and you won’t ever feel like you’re just a number on that list. It’s about building relationships, getting to know people, and finding the best DeBordieu teeth cleaning solutions for every single person who walks through our doors. The level of attention we provide is something no one else can match.


An Introductory Deal

We also pride ourselves on our affordable prices. These apply to standard cleanings, DeBordieu Inlet dental deep cleaning sessions, professional teeth whitening, and everything else that we do. We’re not trying to gouge you. We’re trying to make high-end dental care easy to obtain.

To that end, we have an introductory deal that we call our “get to know you” deal. For just $59 dollars, you get an initial exam, a full cleaning, and ex-rays of your teeth to check for cavities. It’s a full-service stop, and it usually costs far more elsewhere.

It also gives us a great place to start with regular teeth cleaning in DeBordieu SC. You’ll find out if you like our staff and our services, and we’ll find out how we can offer you optimal dental care.


Call Now

Do you want to set up an appointment or ask any questions about DeBordieu teeth cleaning? Our friendly staff is standing by, so please use the number below to call today.