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Dental Crown Repair,  Replacement, or New Dental Crown. We have a dentist in the Pawley’s Island SC area to assist you with a same day dental crown.

Did your Crown break, Chip, or Come Loose? Did you crack one of your teeth and it needs repaired.  A cracked tooth will most likely need a crown.  Island dental does same day crowns. No waiting weeks for it to come back from the factory.

This is how a same day crown works at Island Dental.

A dental crown is a cap that fits snug over your tooth. It resembles are real teeth, and is usual made with porcelain or gold. All same day crowns are made with porcelain. The crown will cover your tooth right to the gum line.

The Traditional Crown process goes as follows:  – Two visits to the dentist

1.) The first visit the dentist takes an impression of your tooth and prepares the tooth for its crown. The preparation phase could include modifying your tooth with a file so the crown will fit. The dentist will then give you a temporary crown or filling to protect your tooth while you wait.  The dentist will then send the impression he made to the lab. The lab will make the crown within two or three weeks and send it back.

2.) The second visit would include the dentist applying the new permanent crown to your tooth.  The whole

The  Same Day Crown Process

1.) To start the process the dentist uses a 3d camera to take pictures of the tooth. Any type of instrument placed in your mouth can be a little uncomfortable, but taking 3D pictures of the tooth doesn’t seem to bother most patients at all.

2.) The  dentist will make sure he has the correct measurements of your teeth. Images are put on a computer software program that is used to create the exact image of the crown with the proper dimensions. The CAM( Computer aided manufacturing) will create the tooth and within an hour or two you will have the crown fitted and you will be free to go.

So what are the Benefits of the Same Day Crown by Island Dental

Benefits of Same Day Crown Versus Traditional Crown

  • Time: You save time because you only have to visit Island Dental once to have your new crown fitted and placed
  • You don’t have to missed worked because it’s done in one day
  • No discomfort from a temporary filling
  • The emotional experience is better because your problem is solved and you don’t have to come back
  • No fine black line on the crown from traditional porcelain crowns
  • Perfect fitted tooth
  • No Dental Putty

Island Dental wants you to make the most of your same day crowns

Dr. Alessi as all dental professional would advise you. Take care of your teeth and make sure you clean them on a daily basis. You have just invested in the longevity of your tooth and we want it to last forever.

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